Why should people learn French

Why should people learn French

People should learn French because it is a language that can give you a sense of understanding of the greatest contributions that French culture has provided the world with.



As it is understood, every language gives a genuine perspective of the world that no matter how accurate the translations can be, it will never be fully enjoyable and meaningful if it is not grasped by the codes of the language in which these emotions, and events were born in. 


A clear example of what has been previously stated is this wonderful written masterpiece called, “Le comte de Monte-cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, in which the author records the different obstacles that an innocent man must overcome due to an unjust imprisonment which left him with a series of moral dilemmas ranging from hope, vengeance, compassion and clemency. 



Besides its literacy, historical, or revolutionary contributions as reasons to learn French, it’s a beautiful language with a unique stylish way of pronunciation.


It’s spoken in Europe, the Americas and Africa as the first language of several nations and it’s a major language of the UN and other important organizations around the world.


In addition, the learning process is much easier for those who already know any of the Romance languages or plan to learn it.


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