smallhead BIGWISDOM

Rising your being

smallhead BIGWISDOM (shBW) is a collection of resources for those who are tired of living a common life and want to improve what they already have or simply would like to start something from scratch. It is based on the consideration that each person is entirely responsible for whatever happens to their lives, although, sometimes, reality shows us that external factors may be the cause of our present. 


shBW is the metaphor of integral development to achieve whatever reasonable goal you have despite any obstacle or difficulty as long as you persist, insist and never desist.


The topics we are going to cover here include: Better life, Languages to learn, Living abroad and Technology.




Get the book about China!

You can get the book about living and having experiences in China.

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Get the book about All Prepositions in Spanish!


You can get the book about All prepositions in Spanish which includes 427 examples.

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