If your boss is stupid, why is he/she still your boss?

Day by day, I hear people expressing their dissatisfaction with their bosses for one or another reason.

For example, some of the supposed incorrectness of managers, are:

  • My boss tries to micromanage
  • He/she doesn’t know what’s doing
  • She/he is despotic
  • My boss is always late
  • My manager is stingy
  • She/he pretends to know everything
  • My boss is stupid


Despite those claims may be correct sometimes, it is also true that your boss has got that position for a fair reason. I can hardly believe people achieve things because of luck, randomness or uncontrollable course of actions.

There is a series of events behind each person that we don’t know and perhaps will never know. Some have mastered the ability to simulate their conditions while deep inside there might be a pile of conflicts, resentment, depression, anguish or another affliction.

So, why do you criticize your boss?

Have you ever thought that what you feel about your manager is because of you and only you?

“It’s impossible”, you could say. Well, let me elaborate more.

Many times, when I enter a meeting room with various people, I can sense a kind of “energy” in the environment. That sensation could be harmonious, tense, cold, receptive or just monotonous.

But do you know why? Simply because that’s the way I feel myself!


For some, it is a new discovery. Well, in fact, it isn’t. There is a lot of scientific research about telepathy, the power of thought, extra sensorial perception and the like. So, I have proved myself that what I give I receive, and this is perfectly applicable to all people and therefore to our “beloved” bosses.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that all bosses are impeccable and never have crises of inadequate, incorrect, obnoxious, or deplorable behavior. No. I have also experienced the other side of the coin (the most painful one). What I want to make clear is those hard situations can be controlled by you. Let me share what I have effectively done.

With my first boss I didn’t get along well, I started to think positively about my boss. At the beginning, it was difficult because the facts were showing me the opposite. It seemed my boss had planned to give me hard time. But after I mentally repeated many times, “My boss is an excellent person and always tries to help me”. I don’t remember exactly how many times I did this daily, but what I can recall for sure is that I was applying the key factors of visualization and the firm belief that things will improve. Gradually, I started to see the change, and after around a month, it was like magic: My boss has transformed himself in my favor! But I realized I had to change myself first in order to trigger his amazing transformation.


If quitting your job is not an option, then, there is one alternative left: Changing yourself in order to change others.

Bottom line

Nobody makes mistakes on purpose unless there is a mental disease or personality disorder. So, with that being said and before you start complaining or criticizing your boss, think differently and consider if it is your fault, so that way it’s much easier to solve the problem because people only change when we change first.

If that’s not enough and you still think your boss is stupid, I wonder, why is he/she still your manager?

If you have some experiences or opinions in this regard, please share them on the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.


  • Do you have problems with your boss?
  • How have you resolved issues with your manager?
  • Are you a boss? How do you handle difficult employees?
  • In your opinion, why do people complain about their managers?


  1. Kitty

    I have been doing my job For six years.I never change my full time job. I am getting along with my boss generally.one of the reasons is because my company s management is not strict.you can literally see people either get off work earlier or go to work late. That happen a lot.personally I think if the work u ve done didn’t affects the others benefits .everyone is getting alone with u. Otherwise it will never happen. Some conflicts and misunderstandings must happen between u and ur leader.so u probably complain on this case. In fact most of the time u know the reason that ur boss asks u. You say ur boss is stupid just the way get the pressure out ????

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Kitty! Well, there is everything for everyone. I mean, there are people with problems with their managers, but definitely not all of them. When there is a common goal, discrepancies in the way of addressing issues can be resolved in a cordial manner.

  2. Camila

    Maybe we see ourselves in the bosses, we feel suspicious of them, for the position, an attitude, etc. The really important thing is to give the world our good attitude to the different events.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Camila! It’s clear that many people feel jealous of their managers. That’s the best way to find “free of charge” troubles. Absolutely! Bad events are not really bad by themselves. It’s our attitude that determines their toxic effect. We are like mirrors: What we see is what we show!

  3. Daisy

    We can not hope that boss is perfect, as no one is in the world. Despite sometimes i complain ,over all to see that my boss is nice enough .A good boss make ur work easy and smoothy. What is characters that a boss should have? In my opinion, position power ,right direction, the ability of problem solving, responsibilities are necessary. May be some disadvantages can be ignored if no any big impact on ur daily work . To learn more from him will make u feel better ,instead of just complaining.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Daisy! We are on the same page. As humans, we are fragile and with ups and downs! I agree. Why not ignore the slight mistakes of your boss? Just remember the benefits he/she has given to you and to your relatives (directly or indirectly.)

  4. Carol

    In my opinion, everyone has advantages and disadvantages. If my boss study but he is still my boss,maybe it is just because he has some advantages that related to leadership or is appreciated by his boss for some reasons. But I don’t think he is definitely perfect and isn’t stupid, because everyone could have some stupid disadvantages. Therefore, don’t complain about it, just learn his advantages and ignore his disadvantages. Respect him and try not to be angry with him because he doesn’t deserve it.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Carol! Here you are! As I wrote in Terry’s reply, Strengths and weaknesses are part of all of us and we all have imperfections. We should try to see the half-full glass and not the half-empty glass. to signify the optimism instead of the pessimism.

  5. Terry

    I think everything has a reason. And a boss must be superior in some field to get the position. I think some people are jealous of the salary and rights of their boss so that they view the advantages of the boss as something they should have or just ignore them but enlarge the disadvantages.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Terry! That‘s correct! I always believe that nothing happens by chance. We don’t know how hard a manager has worked to get a position. As said, we all have advantages and disadvantages. So why trying to find a perfect person when we are not perfect?

  6. Melissa

    I would never have thought of thinking all good about a person who doesn’t treat us well, it is an excellent way to not hurt ourselves and from now I will apply it in my life.

    • Luke

      I’m still a student, but I suppose it works similarly for principals. Unlike teachers they’re not familiar with ur learning & situation, instead they just give u general orders, comments as well as rules. this upsets u yet u must respect them. Although their intentions are kind, their ambiguous expression drives u mad sometimes cuz it seems they don’t care at all. personally I choose to listen to only the bright & beneficial side. why? they ain’t principals for no reason, right? As long as I can bare, I’ll do so.

      • smallhead BIGWISDOM

        Thanks Luke! Agree. Students’ lives are similar to the one in the work place. Some managers are despotic, but not all. Moreover, those “bad” managers must have something good. So, we should learn only the positive aspects. In the end, we have only two choices: obey or quit, because trying to change them is like swimming against the tide.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Melissa! I concur. We are always learning something new. It seems impossible to be grateful with somebody when we don’t agree. However, by trying once, we start realizing of tiny changes which eventually will be transformed into habits. This is crucial: Apply to our lives what we learn! Words without actions are futile.

  7. Owen

    Now, Iam facing this problem.My company changed my department without my agreement,and my new manager always think everything illogical,this do influence my daily work a lot, so that I can not get along well with him.Finally, I choose to quit my job.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Owen! That happens more often than expected. Some managers arbitrarily make decisions that affect their subordinates. If it was manageable, I agree you have quit. But remember, you will find similar or other kinds of problems in every job. Be prepared and change your attitude for you to see how others will change in your favor.

  8. Ross

    Although the boss or the manager sometimes have not done something very right ,you might respect them ,because they are your leader.Maybe you will say :that is not fair.But sometimes your leader will help you when you have some problems.So I think that she or he will always be a boss .Because sometimes ,they have ability to solve things.That is all.Thanks for reading.

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Ross! That’s true. We should be grateful with everyone (yes, even with bad people), because despite nobody is 100% right all the time, nobody is 100% wrong all the time either.

  9. Andres

    This is quite interesting and truthful. Undoubtedly the power of our mind is inmense. If we spend most of the time thinking negatively about our bosses, neighbours, teachers, etc; that bad vibe makes them act the same way against us.

    You are right! if we want them to change, we have to change our attitude first

    • smallhead BIGWISDOM

      Thanks Andres! Agree. When we hate or create negative feelings, we are hurting ourselves. In addition, we cannot control people, so it’s easier and more effective to change ourselves.


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