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If your boss is stupid, why is he/she still your boss?

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Day by day, I hear people expressing their dissatisfaction with their bosses for one or another reason.

For example, some of the most supposedly incorrectness of managers, are:

  • My boss tries to micromanage
  • He/she doesn’t know what’s doing
  • She/he is despotic
  • My boss is always late
  • My manager is stingy
  • She/he pretends to know everything
  • My boss is stupid


Despite those claims may be correct sometimes, it is also true that your boss has got that position for a fair reason. I can hardly believe people achieve things because of luck, randomness or uncontrollable course of actions.

There is a series of events behind each person that we don’t know and perhaps will never know. Some have mastered the ability to simulate their conditions while deep inside there might be a pile of conflicts, resentment, depression, anguish or another affliction.

So, why do you criticize your boss?

Have you ever thought that what you feel about your manager is because of you and only you?

“It’s impossible”, you could say. Well, let me elaborate more.

Many times, when I enter a meeting room with various people, I can sense a kind of “energy” in the environment. That sensation could be harmonious, tense, cold, receptive or just monotonous.

But do you know why? Simply because that’s the way I feel myself!


For some, it is a new discovery. Well, in fact, it isn’t. There is a lot of scientific research about telepathy, the power of thought, extra sensorial perception and the like. So, I have proved myself that what I give I receive, and this is perfectly applicable to all people and therefore to our “beloved” bosses.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that all bosses are impeccable and never have crises of inadequate, incorrect, obnoxious, or deplorable behavior. No. I have also experienced the other side of the coin (the most painful one). What I want to make clear is those hard situations can be controlled by you. Let me share what I have effectively done.

With my first boss I didn’t get along well, I started to think positively about my boss. At the beginning, it was difficult because the facts were showing me the opposite. It seemed my boss had planned to give me hard time. But after I mentally repeated many times, “My boss is an excellent person and always tries to help me”. I don’t remember exactly how many times I did this daily, but what I can recall for sure is that I was applying the key factors of visualization and the firm believe that things will improve. Gradually, I started to see the change, and after around a month, it was like magic: My boss has transformed himself in my favor! But I realized I had to change myself first in order to trigger his amazing transformation.


If quitting your job is not an option, then, there is one alternative left: Changing yourself in order to change others.

Bottom line

Nobody makes mistakes on purpose unless there is a mental disease or personality disorder. So, with that being said and before you start complaining or criticizing your boss, think differently and consider if it is your fault, so that way it’s much easier to solve the problem because people only change when we change first.

If that’s not enough and you still think your boss is stupid, I wonder, why is he/she still your manager?

If you have some experiences or opinions in this regard, please share them on the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.


  • Do you have problems with your boss?
  • How have you resolved issues with your manager?
  • Are you a boss? How do you handle difficult employees?
  • In your opinion, why do people complain about their managers?


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