Why should people learn Hindi

I have heard many people saying, “learning Hindi is very hard.”

However, interestingly enough, these people have little experience in this language or have given up in their attempts to command it with certain level of proficiency. 



Hindi is currently spoken by more than 500 million people and this number is progressively growing. The economy of India is becoming noticeable robust at a fast pace similar to China a few years ago. This fact creates superb opportunities for business, education and overall relationships.

By learning Hindi we will be able to learn other languages such as Punjabi, Marathi Gujarati, Bengali and Urdu. In fact, Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligible at a spoken level which means you would be learning another language by learning Hindi.

Hindi is very similar to other languages, including Asian languages as well as European languages such as English, Spanish, French in terms of writing from left to right and for specially with Romance languages, most words are written in the same way they are pronounced.

In addition, Hindi uses genders for nouns that have to be in concordance with adjectives and verbs.

The script in Hindi is completely phonetic which means once you have learned it you will be able to read anything. Hindi has also very few irregular verbs which makes the conjugation process much easier in contrast with other languages.



Some similarities of Hindi with English and Spanish:





Bangle: from bāngṛī

Dungaree: from ḍūṅgrī

Guru: from guru

Jungle: from jangal

Karma: from karm

Pyjamas: from paijaamaa

Shampoo: from shaimpoo





Naranja: from naarangee

¿Qué hubo?: from kya huva?

Mesa: from mez

Camisa: from kameez

Armario: from alamaaree

Dos: from do

Diez: from das



Bottom line


When somebody tells you learning Hindi is a dantesque and impossible task, just thank them but ignore that remark since this is not true.


If you have some experiences or opinions on this regard, please share them on the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.


  • Why are you learning Hindi?
  • Have you been able to learn another language spoken in India?
  • How similar are Hindi and Urdu?
  • Do you foresee Hindi as a lingua franca in the near future?
  • Will Hindi become a predominant language on the Internet?


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