Why should people learn German?


Learning a language may have different reasons that vary from person to person. Some people learn a language just because they want to be able to enjoy their favorite TV shows, others learn it to find another person to communicate with, there are some people who do it in order to immigrate to different countries, and other motivation that a human being can come up with and that has equal relevance.


There is no good or bad justification to decide learning another language as it is applicable to a specific case.


Nevertheless, one must be assertive what to expect when embarking on the fascinating but demanding process of handling a language with ease.



A clear example of the previous statement is German, a language that if it is mastered in the most basic skills, it will bring you huge benefits in terms of getting access to highly competitive education institutions, obtain a huge potential to develop your career prospects to broadening your mind in one of the most powerful countries in the world such as Germany.

It is worth admitting that not everyone has the same goals when it comes to deciding learning German, but if you are looking for a tipping point it becomes imperative to remind you, dear reader, that from a cultural and scientific perspective there have been enormous significant contributions from German citizens starting from Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Mozart , Brahms and the list goes on.



So, having a linguistic dominance over this language will without a doubt make you enjoy these enlightened minds’ work even more if you do it from a translated and probably less accurate version.


Another important factor for learning German is the fantastic job opportunities that become available. There are prominent multinational companies lead by German-speaking leaders which are in constant search of individuals committed, knowledgeable and overall proficient in the German language.


It would be a fatal mistake to state that the list of justifications to learn German stops here. There is a myriad of more motives worth looking into that we at www.smallheadbigwisdom.com will be constantly sharing for you to get familiar with the language of literature, music, education, technology and other fields.


For the time being, whenever you come across with a German you can start saying, “Guten Tag” without any embarrassment at all.



Bottom line



If you have some experiences or opinions on this regard, please share them on the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.



  • Why are you learning German?
  • Is German similar to your native language?
  • What is the best approach that worked for you to learn German?
  • What are the most common mistakes people usually make to learn a language and specifically German?


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