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Indicative – Past Conditional

Complete the sentences with the correct conjugation of the verb or verbs in brackets for this tense:

The verb HABER means TO HAVE. The verb MOLESTAR means BOTHER.

The verb HABER means TO HAVE. The verb PROMETER means TO PROMISE.

The verb HABER means TO HAVE. The verb IMAGINAR means TO IMAGINE.

The verb HABER means TO HAVE. The verb MENTIR means TO LIE.

The verb HABER means TO HAVE. The verb CONSIDERAR means TO CONSIDER.

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  1. It would have bothered me if some people had not greeted
  2. The Mayor would have promised more security with a better work team
  3. Sandra and Arturo would have imagined a larger room
  4. They would have lied about the existence of millionaires in the United States because the source of information was not reliable
  5. The director would not have considered Julio if it had not been for the recommendation

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