Don’t wait for everything to enjoy your life; you have your life to enjoy everything

Wow! What a universe of wisdom we can find in this quote!

Every day, we are being bombarded by colossal amount of information, especially on the Internet, so a new responsibility has emerged for everyone: We must select what is useful and ignore the rest.

It’s much easier saying it than doing it though; however, we have no other choice if our intentions are to get permanent improvement.

People, including myself, as I still consider being part of human civilization, are often in search of new things, adventures, challenges and, in brief, they are never satisfied. Being constantly unsatisfied has Pros and Cons.



One of the Pros is we can improve our way of thinking and therefore our actions which will allow us becoming persons with purpose. On the other hand, one of the Cons is the state of indecision we may enter by not having self-confidence in anything we try to execute.

All the extremes are harmful, so the ideal scenario would be to keep a balanced point where we can know when to act and when to continue planning and researching.

Have you ever noticed that it seems to be no perfect time to start something?

Usually, when a specific goal has been set, we try to wait the circumstances to “change” in a more favorable way.  The reasoning many people have before taking actions is represented with the following statements:

“I need more money”

“A better job would be the solution”

“When I get married”

“I will start in summer”

“After graduation, there would be more opportunities”

“After the economy recession which is around the corner”

And many more…

Well, let me tell you: “Don’t wait for everything to enjoy your life; you have your life to enjoy everything”.

We must take care of ourselves, family, friends and our society; nevertheless, it’s significantly ungrateful that we do not recognize the wonders existing in the simplicity. For example: A tree, rain, snow, wind, sunlight, animals, our ability to read, walk, talk, listen, and to really live and not just remain alive.



Those aspects are often taken for granted and ignored when the correct attitude would be appreciating and taking advantage of them to the maximum extend.

Don’t long for the abilities to release your potential when they are already gone! The now is the correct moment to fuel our engine intended to propel us towards our planned destinations.

It’s enough!

Don’t procrastinate more to start living the life that we all are supposed to enjoy, and don’t wait that others start pushing you or even worse, that others carry out your duties. The precise moment is now, and the executor must be you. Otherwise, intensively painful regret would be the inevitable consequence.

I wonder why people complain about trivialities?

The more you complain the worse your conditions become! It seems simple understanding and trying to change this, but in fact, we need help to escape from the mundane activities of the negativism constantly unfolded in our paths.

Problems should not be seen as a burden but as a conventional part of our existence. You don’t need to think about problems; you don’t need to look for problems because they will always come anyway. What we need to do is to get the proper training to face them effectively, with patience, courage and imperishable persistence. Obtaining this attitude is a habit that must be cultivated day after day.

Your life is a temporary priceless gem! So, it’s wise to appreciate it immeasurably right now before regret takes control over us and there are no more opportunities for a second attempt.

Bottom line


If you have some experiences or opinions in this regard, please share them on the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.


  • Do you feel entirely happy?
  • Are you actually living or just looking at time passing?
  • What’s the right moment for you to start doing something?
  • If we all have 24 hours a day, why do you think people say, “I have no time”?


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