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Silver Membership

With this Membership, you will be entitled to:

  • Get access to online exercises to prepare for the DELE exam: Levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 only.
  • Get access to Spanish Audios – 1100 cognates (similar words)  between English and Spanish with examples (One time)
  • Get access to Spanish Audios of 150 Irregular verb conjugations (One time)
  • Get access to 1200 sentences of 12 Spanish Quizzes covering 12 Spanish verb tenses (each quiz has 100 sentences) with translations into English and answers (One time.)
  • Download 45 PowerPoint Presentations to teach English (One time)
  • Request us to record (in MP3 format) in Spanish up to 50 words per month
  • Request us to translate editable texts from English into Spanish up to 800 words per month on any topic
  • Request us to proofread Spanish texts up to 800 words per month on any topic
  • Request us to transcribe Spanish audios and videos up to 5 minutes per month (the source must have understandable quality)
  • Have 1 hour per month to practice conversation in Spanish with a native speaker of Spanish (via Skype)

For any other request or questions, please Contact Us

Get the book about China!


You can get the book about living

and having experiences in China.

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Get the book about All Prepositions in Spanish!


You can get the book about All prepositions in Spanish which includes 427 examples.

(See Table of Content)


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