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12 Spanish Quizzes

These quizzes were prepared with the intention of helping learners or speakers of Spanish fully understand the usage of verbs in these specific tenses:

Subjunctive Present

Subjunctive Imperfect

Subjunctive Present Perfect

Subjunctive Pluperfect

Indicative Future Perfect

Indicative Imperfect

Indicative Pluperfect

Indicative Past Conditional

Indicative Present Perfect

Indicative Preterit

Indicative Simple Future

The Imperative Mood



  • There are 12 quizzes in total
  • You can get access to all the 12 quizzes available about Spanish verb usage
  • Each quiz has 100 example sentences in Spanish
  • All the sentences have their respective answers
  • All the sentences have their respective translations into English
  • PDFs are also available with the sentences in both Spanish and English


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