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Proproparoxytone words

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Syllable: It’s a unit of pronunciation with a vowel sound.

Accent: It’s the highest stress made on a syllable

Diacritical mark: It’s the visible mark made on a vowel. It’s commonly known as written accent (Only one diacritical mark per word is correct in Spanish).


Note: In Spanish, all words have accent but not all words have diacritical mark or written accent.


Proproparoxytone words: They are the words with the stress on the fourth(or further)-to-last syllable. They always have a written accent, except when formed from an adjective that has no written accent.

               Examples: cómpraselo, cómetelo, entrégueselo, activamente, cobardemente, efectivamente

Important note:


In order to correctly pronounce any word that has no written accent, consider the following rules:

  1. If the last letter of the word is either “n”, “s” or a “vowel”, the stress must be on the penultimate syllable.

               Examples: cosa, casa, ejemplo, gallina, volumen, entonces, certamen, injustamente, abiertamente

  1. In the other cases, the stress must be on the last syllable.

               Examples: analizar, pared, arroz, virtud,


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