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Start investing in the Stock Market

What will be included?


  • 2 sessions (30 minutes each) to give crucial information on how to start investing in the stock market

  • The sessions will be via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom at an agreed date

  • Gaboch (a professional experienced investor) will share his correct investing decisions as well as his mistakes and how they were fixed

  • What to do

  • What not to do

  • How to pick great stocks

  • Investment strategies

  • How to choose brokers

  • What to do during a market crash

  • Useful learning resources

  • There are many books on investments, but few of them include empirical facts about investing. In these sessions, those facts will be included

  • Most of Youtubers only care about their own benefits without realizing that by genuinely helping others, we are automatically helping ourselves.

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Get the book about China!


You can get the book about living

and having experiences in China.

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Get the book about All Prepositions in Spanish!


You can get the book about All prepositions in Spanish which includes 427 examples.

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Get the book about 1100 English-Spanish Cognates!


It includes:

 1100 definitions in English

1100 definitions in Spanish

1100 examples in English

1100 examples in Spanish


Bonus:  Audio pronunciations

You can get the book about 1100 English-Spanish Cognates.

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