Investing in stocks

There are things which can be learned only by experiencing them directly and others through the wise guidance of people. After stumbling here and there for several years, we have discovered key aspects related to investing in the stock market in order to make profits.  We are concentrating only on stocks; therefore, during 2 sessions of 30 minutes each, the topics to be discussed are:

  1. What to do before investing in the stock market?
  2. What not to do when investing in the stock market?
  3. Bull Markets. Maximizing profits during this trend.
  4. Bear Markets. Minimizing losses and still make profits.
  5. Investing vs Trading. The paradigm of quick gains.
  6. How to choose good stocks?
  7. Avoid scams!
  8. How to start?
  9. A 9-to-5 job.
  10. The magical penny. A didactical story to summarize the need of having solid plans.


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