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Five Lessons – IELTS Exam Preparation

What is included:


  • 45 minutes/lesson with an experienced linguistic instructor specialized in IELTS exam preparation courses.
  • The content is focused on Speaking, Writing, and Vocabulary expansion.
  • There will be plenty of exercises on writing, speaking, a wide range of lexical resources, grammar accuracy, task fulfillment, and composing with coherence and cohesion
  • The selected discussion topics will be shared with students prior to each class
  • Students can also propose a topic for the instructor to prepare
  • The classes will be held via applications such as, Skype, Wechat or QQ (discussed prior to each class)
  • Instructors may provide feedback and recommendations to students regarding their learning progress and aspects to be improved depending on their study needs

We aim to provide excellent quality of language courses with outstanding customer service. For any inquiries, please contact Customer Service at JC Chapters. Enjoy the course!