Do Chinese people eat frogs?

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Before coming to China, I had the preconception that Chinese people used to eat whatever had any sign of life. That basically excluded only minerals.

Well, it’s a not a secret that people around the world eat exotic food and China is not the exception. Although I wasn’t able to corroborate myself this preconception, there are indeed many options for a “healthy” diet Chinese people enjoy, and one of the preferred delicacies is frogs.

They are kept in a fishbowl at the entrance of a restaurant, so customers can choose which ones to be prepared for them. They are of different colors (brownish, greenish and whitish) and sizes, but all of them look vibrant.

If you’re coming from a culture where the conventional habits, customs or behavior are the only correct ones, you may be astonished by just thinking on tasting an appealing dish of a brownish and crunchy frog.

And that was exactly me!

Only thinking in tearing with my teeth the tender flesh of a well-fed frog, made me feel nauseated.



However, after seeing many times people enjoying with such delight those batrachians, my thoughts started to change but not to the point of eating them but to understand why they are so “courageous.”

If we analyze this situation carefully, it’s not a big deal!

Frogs are just animals like others: Chicken, fish, pigs, cows, etc. The difference is I and many other people are not used to eat them and therefore it’s a normal reaction to reject something new that our bodies are not used to assimilate with ease.


I would say it’s a matter of negative autosuggestion caused for all what had been said about non-orthodox food.


After several years living in China, I opted to keep them absent from my daily diet!


However, I had to admit I was tempted to be part of the large number of people who eat these animals naturally, with no hesitation and overall with noticeable enjoyment. At first, I dared to stand in front of the fishbowl trying to select the best choice to give it to the restaurant cook, but few seconds later, something deep inside told me: “What the heck are you going to do?” and that was sufficient for me to desist and immediately run away.

This situation was repeated several times but with the same outcome. At that time, I realized the powerful influence our minds have on anything we want to do or not to do. Sometimes, the image of a frog on a dish, adorned with vegetables and sauce and still with the steam flowing towards my nose which captured the scrumptious smell was clear and consistent; nevertheless, it was just a momentary image that was gradually fading and finally disappeared.



But wait a moment!

It’s not true that you will be cheated in a restaurant with a disguised frog instead of your favorite chicken. That’s not going to happen simply because frog meat is more expensive than other type of meat such as chicken, fish or beef to mention only some. So, it’s not profitable for the restaurant owner to give you his most precious asset for a lower price.

Does it give you a sort of relief?

If not, don’t worry!

It’s up to you! Take it or leave it!

Nobody will force you to eat anything. You are completely free to satisfy yourself by just observing how many Chinese people devour these amphibians of hideous appearance but with nutritive components.


If you have some experiences or opinions on this regard, please share them on the comments below, so we can all learn from each other.


 Have you ever eaten frogs?

  • Do you consider frogs are healthy for human consumption?
  • What do you think of people who eat frogs?
  • Is this a matter of getting used to?


China 1.0 – A life experience

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China 1.0 – A life experience

(Free e-book)


This e-book is a compilation of anecdotes and point of views of the author during his journey and life in China for more than 5 years.

The purpose of sharing these experiences is to inspire anyone, especially those who still believe that they are not capable of making their dreams come true, to accomplish goals regardless their difficulty, through positive attitude, dedication and indefatigable commitment, and thus, achieving personal growth by helping others to improve their lives.

There are many talented persons around the world who just need motivating words and somebody who leads and supports them during those unavoidable tough moments that everyone would have to face, sooner or later, in whatever activity they decide to undertake.

I have two pieces of news: A bad and a good one.

The bad news is that there will always be problems.

The good news is that there will always be solutions to those problems.

With that being said, let’s get inspired!


Table of content

Chapter 1

  • Why China?
  • The flight
  • USA’s stops
  • Beijing’s arrival
  • Arriving in Changchun
  • John – the savior

Chapter 2

  • Changchun’s first night
  • Changchun’s first day
  • Meeting with Alice
  • The teaching company
  • Lunch with Ms. Huang
  • At the hospital
  • Chinese chess

Chapter 3

  • My first time
  • Kids and Kids
  • Made a difference
  • Students’ supportive parents
  • Linda, Jimmy and Jack
  • Chinese primary schools
  • Chinese teachers’ secret to control
  • Memorizing questions
  • Chinese secondary schools
  • Prayers
  • Shyness
  • Spectacular classes
  • Taking the math class
  • The secret greeting
  • Chinese chess at breaks

Chapter 4

  • First college
  • Bad students at the back
  • Rapport
  • Second college
  • Mutual enjoyment
  • Outdoors
  • Embracing and kissing
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s anecdote
  • Chinese food
  • Bean curd (Tofu)
  • Gubarou
  • Instant noodles
  • Dumplings
  • Chaomian
  • Chaofan
  • Hot Pot

Chapter 5

  • Washrooms
  • Some Chinese customs and habits
  • On streets
  • Eating
  • On a bus
  • On a subway
  • On the market
  • Greetings
  • Spitting
  • Smoking
  • Doing business with Chinese people

Chapter 6

  • The day had come
  • A day that could have been the last
  • Who is going to pay the bill?
  • My first bāozi (包子, bun)
  • One step further
  • The visit

Chapter 7

  • Moving
  • The arrows
  • Celebrating
  • Dalian
  • The city
  • Landlord
  • Pángxiè (螃蟹, crab)
  • Exchanging items

Chapter 8

  • Private classes to Ivy
  • Another kindergarten
  • Fei working
  • Return to the hometown
  • Fei’s private school
  • Conquering the capital
  • Lee – Méiguānxì! (没关系!, It’s OK!)
  • Beijing’s subway
  • Taking Mandarin Chinese classes
  • It happened despite nobody wanted it

Chapter 9

  • The hyena
  • Spanish classes
  • The computer company
  • Shanghai
  • Anhui
  • Getting on the train
  • On the train
  • Departure

Chapter 10

  • First station
  • Our souls escaped momentarily
  • Welcoming
  • My first class
  • Hyperactivity
  • Other activities
  • A teacher’s collision
  • The eve
  • The farewell

Chapter 11


  • Běijīng kǎoyā(北京烤, Peking duck)
  • Shenzhen
  • Coconut palm
  • The factory
  • Some friends and colleagues
  • Traveling abroad

shBW-Teaching English – Education

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shBW-Teaching English – Mixed

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In this opportunity, the teacher will discuss an interesting topic related to food, which is how food stylists create the illusion of delicious food by using everyday objects to generate effects that it would give anyone a hard time trying to distinguish them from reality.  Download the presentation